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When you go outside . . .

When you go outside in the evening, and it is August, please, please do me a favor and put on some deet. Mosquito repellent. Long sleeves, long pants, gloves, coveralls, and (most importantly) a ski mask.

I had the lovely experience of picking a HUGE pile of tomatoes last night, but the problem was, I forgot the deet. Bite on left arm. Bite of right arm. Bite on back. (My dad probably will worry that I will get West Nile.) BITE ON FACE!

Stupid bugs. So at first it was just red. Then I went to bed, and I suspected what would happen because this happened to me a few years back. My eye is swollen. It was underneath my eye, but that didn’t stop the swelling from happening. I woke up feeling very, very strange because I could feel the extreme puffiness underneath my eye. It looked weird too.

Bothersome. Anyway. To keep that from happening to you, take an aerosol spray can of that contains deet, close eyes and mouth, and spray on face before picking tomatoes else your eyes will end up uneven. Make sure you close your eyes. My brother didn’t, and that pain is probably worse than the bothersome swelling. Or you could follow what it says on that bottle, about spraying it on your hands, but that doesn’t seem as fun . . .

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