What is the point?

Entering college, I have found that much of what I learn has no point.

I am an English major (currently) and so I study these things: Literary history; How to read and analyze poems and prose; and What critics, philosophers, and poets have to say about literature. Those are my subjects. I’ve taken creative writing too, but most of that is How to read and analyze poems and prose while wishing you could write like they could.

So. I study these things in order to get an English degree and do one of two things: 1. Teach English. 2. Go into an unrelated field. Having a career actually in the English field is implausible because there would be no money involved.

Now, let’s say that I graduate, I don’t want to continue on in English. That leaves me going into an unrelated field, which puts my study of literary history, how to read literature, and what people said about literature completely useless. These things do not lead to a career goal.

This problem is not isolated to English at all. Think about philosophy or art history. What is the point of studying those? People study them because they enjoy it.

But sometimes, I just get tired going to school and spending my time and effort in learning something that does me not a lot of good in real life.

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