We are here

I probably should get out more. I live near Moab, and basically no one is allowed to come visit here right now. The National Parks are also closed here (and all the camping and hotels and lots of everything else). But there are lots of other places to go, so hypothetically we should be biking and hiking and all of that.

But we stay home. We do go out and explore around our house. I’ve sort of been busy with homeschool and my school work and all of that as well. And I’m lazy and I just naturally don’t go places much. I have to plan adventures in advance, and then often I decide I don’t want to go after all.

Anyway. I wish I could figure out how to be better sometimes. I wish I could figure out how to pace myself better, be more productive, not waste my time, take care of my kids, achieve all my goals, maintain motivation, and do everything. But while I can improve, there is no single life hack that solves all my problems.


So the world is crazy right now. My kids do not care about the coronavirus at all. It just doesn’t really affect them. And I think some of that is fine–I get reading the news and it all seems so dismal, but yet in my own personal life, we are fine.

I have written down lists about the good things that are happening, because there are a lot of good things, and it seems like news articles are generally pessimistic, set on destroying any hope until things are absolutely certain. But there are good things happening and the only thing that is guaranteed is that we will recover and we get better from all of this. Because that’s what always happens.

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