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This is what I did today:

I went to school. This consisted of me getting to a bus stop at 11:34, getting on a bus at 11:47, transferring to the train, transferring trains, and then arriving at the school at 1:27, about a half hour before my class started. I spent 50 minutes in class discussing sonnets. That is the problem with commuting.

I saw frogs with my mom and brother–poison dart frogs, toads (which aren’t frogs), green frogs, gold frogs, blue frogs, and absolutely disgusting frogs that floated in the water with legs outstretched, looking like misshapen rocks. I saw the teacher from the sonnet class at the frog exhibit with her daughter. Slightly awkward.

Frogs are cool. I was once playing with a frog and it jumped out of my hand and relieved itself all over the carpet. I and the other two people who were with me, all jumped back a foot at the surprise.

I went shopping. I found the chair I wanted at Ikea, and then they were out of stock. Bad luck. I went home.

I went shopping again. I bought a laser printer so I can print out stuff. There was a long quest to buy this printer, which consisted of a mom, two different tech stores, Wal-Mart (ick), Target, and a quick run into a Pier 1 store that is closing. All of these things were essential to come to the decision of getting my printer. (Side note: We went to Best Buy, then to Wal-Mart, then to Office Depot, then to Target, then to Peir 1, then to Best Buy, then to Office Depot where I fianlly bought something.)

I am home now. And that’s pretty much my day. Sort of boring, sort of nice.


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