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things I've learned about friendship

  • Friendship isn’t really about fitting in. It’s more accepting yourself and accepting others and wanting to help them without judging.
  • One-on-one conversation is an important part of life.
  • You don’t have to have much in common to be friends with someone.
  • So you don’t have to be the same age, same life situation, or same anything to be a friend.
  • It takes an instant to make or friend–and then sometimes, it takes years.
  • Friendships come and go, and that’s okay.
  • Focusing more on seeing the good in others and you will no longer care so much about your own flaws.
  • Assume that if you like someone, they like you back. This isn’t necessarily true, but it usually is.
  • Sometimes you will forget to call someone back, or text them, or invite them over, or return their casserole dish. That’s okay. Part of friendships is forgiving others and also asking that they forgive you too.
  • A simple wave and a smile and a silly text can mean a lot. Don’t worry about the big things; just do the small bit that you can.
  • When a friend has problems, you don’t have to solve them. Just do what you can.
  • Don’t compare your friendships with others. Value what you have.
  • Learning how to value people is one of the most important parts of life.

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