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Super Strong and Self-Publishing

Since about the seventh grade, I have wanted to be a writer. I’ve written so much, working towards that goal, thinking that that was an important part of my life.

And then, a few years ago, I had a bit of a crisis. It came after realizing that my dreams were simply incompatible with the real world. That the success I thought I wanted–well, I didn’t really want it at all. I had failed at traditional publishing with a few different novels (such as I received probably over a hundred rejection letters) and I just didn’t know why I was spending all this time on working on these books when they didn’t seem to go anywhere.

So I stopped. And I thought I might stop for forever. I knew I might start again too, but something had to change.

When I started writing again, I had a different attitude. Writing is now an awesome hobby for me, something I do, but not part of my identity. It’s such a good place to be. It means that I don’t really care if I don’t get published or I write slow or I get poor reviews or don’t sell anything or I get rejected over and over. It doesn’t affect my self-worth and I keep going and doing good things.

I had put up my novel Super Strong on Amazon briefly in 2012, but it wasn’t quite finished and so I took it down again. And now, after making some improvements, I’ve put it up again. It’s an incredibly vulnerable thing to do, but I’m being brave. I know it’s not a perfect product, but if I’m worried about perfection it would never get up there. So, it’s good enough.

I like self-publishing because it gives me so much freedom and takes off so much pressure. I’ll probably do it again.


Available on Amazon. It’s a somewhat brooding story about a guy who has super strength.

(And that’s my brother on the cover, by the way.)

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