So I’m reading Kant’s wonderfully complex philosophy, and today I read about the sublime.

It is a forgotten emotion, for the most part. People don’t talk about it as much as they used to.

Sublimity is basically being overwhelmed by the quantity of what is in front of you. It is usually felt right after seeing some grand aspect of nature. You see the Grand Canyon, for example, and you are overwhelmed with what is before you.

I sort of think of it as being able to understand infinity for a moment, except you don’t really understand it. So you’re confused and in awe and feel so much all at once. It just hits you.

But we’ve forgotten sublimity. We don’t ever sit down long enough and contemplate. We are too informational, too distracted, and we just don’t care.

But as I’m reading Kant, and his attempt to explain the sublime, I just want to go out in nature, and let my imagination fly, and find that emotion again.

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