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Staring into screens

I look at screens a lot. Screens are productive. And entertaining. I can talk to people. I can learn. I can do good in the world. I can waste time, too.

Usually people take pictures of fun things you do. But apparently, we just take pictures of us looking into screens. Part of me wants to just do less screen time, but the other part of me just wants to make sure that if we do screen time, it’s uplifting and good.

Video games can be fun on occasion.

Funny TV shows and blogging…

Playing with cousins… (Also, all our kids are in this picture and I love it.)

Reviewing projects, planning, learning new things (or maybe we were just looking at clothes and body type quizzes)…

Working in my new job…

(This picture is just because he looked cute.)

And look at my kitty and my little miss taking a nap together. And yes, my kitty is sleeping on my computer bag. She loves suitcases and showers (I’m serious about the showers).

I guess there are times when we look at books instead of screens. I like those times.

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