Family Life

Spring Time!

This is a time to remember: my children are at beautiful ages of growing and becoming. They love their school and I am so grateful that all my kids went to school this year and learned and grew so much. EE got the amazing artist award at her preschool graduation. The other kids will end in the next few weeks, and the end-of-year excitement makes me feel like I am in elementary school with them, looking forward to the summer and freedom.

We have had such a good time: my Grandpa Claude turned 90. My parents visited. We are renovating our bathroom. And we got ducks and geese, which we love quite a lot.

I am working, but I am quitting my job in a few days, and I questioned if the project I am working on was worth the time and effort that was spent on it. Because of my questioning, they are eliminating my position–my biggest accomplishment at work was killing my job.

We have found home. I knew home back when I was in elementary school, walking down the hill and back up again, thinking about my cat at home that I loved so much. I had a home where I played with my siblings, climbed trees in the backyard, and biked in the driveway.

And know I am so happy that I am giving my kids a home. It’s a little different, but there is no perfect place. Just lots of good ones, and this is a good one: they bike down the driveway. The row around in the canoe on the small pond. They swing on the swing set, jump on the trampoline, and play games and color on the dining room table.

We are learning and growing together, and for all the moments of annoyance or irritation or anger, there are so many moments of forgiveness and joy and work and love.

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