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Snow, snow, and more snow

There is snow everywhere. And today I thought about going snowshoeing in Chacos (which are sandals), because I love Chacos and I love snowshoeing. I decided mixing the two would end up with blue feet and/or frostbite, so I’m not going to try it. Friend #1 (what I call my brother’s friend), suggested playing Twister and Uno at the same time, and I seriously think that need to be attempted.

I did slip on my Chacos to go pick up my sister from the bust stop, and they were so nice to wear again . . . Even when there is snow all over the ground, and the snow gets on my feet.

My wonderful winter break is ending. Today I’m driving up to see my twin sister, spending the night, enjoying my last day of freedom with her (and hopefully with snowshoes, with boots on), and then I’m off to work and school.

I have been slowly working back into spending some time with my hobbies, books, and people, instead of devoting it all to homework. Not that I dislike homework. We’re actually really good friends. It’s just that . . . I need to be well rounded.

There were many good results from devoting myself fully to school last semester: I got to rediscover my hobbies and things I enjoy. For example, yesterday I spent most of the day designing a website, something I love to do and hadn’t had the time to do it. I’ve also been rediscovering how to write, read enjoyable books, hike, play the organ, and etc.

So even though there is snow everywhere, and it’s cold, and when school starts I’m going to have to be out walking in the cold, life is still awesome. I have thermals and boots (and a set of handwarmers) to keep me warm.

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