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Earlier today, I found an old video of my family when we were young. We were sledding on this exact same hill and playing in the snow. The video was somewhere around 20 years old, when the house was still fairly new. There wasn’t any rock on the front of the garage yet, but it all looked pretty much the same as it does today.

We were playing just like we did 20 years later. My mom was dressed in a snowsuit and she was trying to sled too, but there weren’t actually sleds, so everyone was using old shovels and sliding down without anything. The kids were climbing on snow piles and we were smiling. It was all the same.

In fact, I am fairly certain that the shovel that we were using to slide down the hill is the one that my son is holding in his hands.

Sometimes it’s nice to have new things. And sometimes it’s nice when things don’t change.


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