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I know I said two weeks. But on the urging of my mom and my aunt, I decided to only go one.

Today I opened up google reader and there was 75 unread posts. Not bad at all. I went through them pretty quickly. I mostly scan, I don’t read. But I’m done with that.

(A note on why I took a break: I have a compulsion to go online whenever I get on my computer. I was trying to get rid of this compulsion. The week off really helped, but I found myself playing a LOT of solitaire.)

This is some of what I did while I was away:

  • Wrote. A lot. Over 10,000 words last week! I haven’t written that much in a week, ever.
  • Ordered textbooks. School starts in a week. I have 26 textbooks, though most of them are novels or are pretty small. That’s what I get when I’m taking 18 credit hours of upper division classes . . .
  • Worked on making a quilt. I needed a summer quilt, one that wasn’t so thick, and I got quilting frames for my birthday. But when I’m done with it, it will be getting into fall, thus making a summer quilt useless.
  • Watched a lot of Olympics. Go Olympics! They are awesome!
  • Exercised. I started a running program. Three days a week, and it starts off easy and works up slowly over a course of two months to a 5k.
  • Read books! I got Rapunzel’s Revenge in the mail, along with Superior Saturday. Those were two very highly anticipated books and will be reviewed later on. I also read some of some other books.
  • Worked on family history, including typing up some life history of my grandfather and updating my family history website with two stories.
  • Practiced the organ. And I improvised while I was there. I love improvising, and I love doing it on the organ.
  • Did laundry, cleaned my room, and stuff like that
  • A lot of planning, budgeting, and that sort of thing
  • Family activities–family home evening on Monday, where I totally rocked at our game and made my time win, and then family reunion activities Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Slept outside on a hammock.
  • Worked a lot on my website, which isn’t online, so you haven’t seen it and maybe never will.
  • Did stuff with friends, which is a very rare thing for me. We ate dinner and played Killer Bunnies and mostly talked.
  • Went and did baptisms for the dead.

And that’s pretty much it. I guess not too exciting. My sister has much more exciting life. Last week she:

  • Got hit by a car while riding her bike (but the car wasn’t going fast, and she is perfectly fine).
  • Drove a tractor.

How cool is that?

So I’m back into the blogging world. See you around.

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