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First of all, I watched Howl’s Moving Castle. I found myself doing something that I didn’t think I did–comparing the movie to the book and judging the movie off of it. Once I realized I was doing this, I stopped the comparison and was able to sit back and enjoy the rest of the movie. The movie isn’t as good as the book, but it is still very much enjoyable to watch. I don’t really want to see it again, but it was worth my time.

On another note, I travel quite a bit each day to get to my school. I use public transit. It takes a long time. Sometimes it is crowded, sometimes it is mostly empty. Sometimes people don’t smell the best and you have to switch seats. Overall, it’s all right because I can read and do homework as I travel. But my point in writing about this is that drinking water on public transit is hard. Yesterday, I tried to do it and ended up sploshing water all down my shirt. That was fun.

I have a really long textbook–Norton anthology–and today I took a razor blade and I cut the book into two pieces. It didn’t fall apart and now I have a perfectly workable Norton anthology in two volumes. Why didn’t I think of this last semester?

To conclude, I am in a computer lab and glance at the screen next to me and a very muscular guy is typing something. I’m at college, so I assumed it was homework, but now I realize that he was writing a weight program and Monday is chest and back. Why does that seem so meaningless to me?

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