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Random Thought #3

We made Christmas count-down chains on Sunday by the traditional hot-gluing miniature candy bars on ribbon.

It was November 30, so we needed to put 24 candies on our chain.

And I put on 26, because I was confused.

That is why I got to eat two miniature candy bars today.

(My younger sister spent about a half-hour working out her pattern. It took me five minutes, and mine looks better than hers. As she says, hers is more intelligent. But who wants an intelligent Christmas count-down chain?)

0 thoughts on “Random Thought #3

  1. Funny story: One time I had this super ditzy roommate. My best friend made a christmas chain and about halfway into the month, the ditzy one made the *brilliant* observation that it looked like the chain was getting shorter and she just didn’t know why! We laughed about that one for weeks.

  2. ^Love that story, Gretchen.

    I’m sure you didn’t glue extra candy to your chain on purpose. On a completely unrelated note, are you a chocoholic? I’m curious.

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