Political Correct and Morality

I was talking with someone and I had a thought.

If a person says something that is politically incorrect, then people get upset. Really upset. People must publicly apologize, etc.

If someone says something immoral, however, no one cares. In fact, some things that are considered politically correct are considered immoral.

When did our standard stop being morals, about right and wrong, and became about not offending people?

If I know something is right and true, morally good, leads to the happiness of individuals and society, I will uphold it. That’s how most people should work. We are too accepting, too worried about saying the correct thing instead of saying the right thing.

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  1. i remember when the family proclamation was first presented and my first thought was “wow, that is the boldest, most politically incorrect thing i have heard in a long time and i love it!” seriously, that was my exact thought.

    now, the task is to help others see the error in polital correctness.

  2. Thanks for your response, Anilee!

    Here are my thoughts:

    Morality and religion are separate things. I study ethics or moral theory in the philosophy department and ignore religion completely. While religion upholds morals, moral values can and should exist separately from religion. Therefore, a government can uphold moral values without being at all religious. And, I think, government does uphold moral values on a regular basis–like passing laws where people can’t hurt other people or animals, restrict underage drinking, prevent discrimination, etc.

    (A note on my examples: All are laws passed to prevent harm to other people. But a great many moral principles function on not harming and helping other people.)

    While morality, independent of religion, varies a lot through people, that doesn’t mean we should abandon it completely. And we should be able to claim our differing beliefs without any censorship. Sometimes being political correct prevents us from clearly saying what we believe, morally. And that’s wrong.

  3. I’m going to have to disagree to some extent.

    People do not have the same moral values. So you kind of can’t put morality entirely into it, especially if your morals come from your religion, because of separation of church and state. Because people don’t have the same moral values, what you see as being morally right, someone else may see as being morally wrong.

    Hence, political correctness. (Which yes, can get ridiculous.)

  4. I agree with that.

    I guess my thing is that I don’t care what you say, but I care how you say it.

    I guess that’s the point of political correctness. It’s supposed to cut down on the bashing that can appear when discussing certain heated topics. But instead of focusing on teaching people the “right” terms, why don’t we just teach people to be good humans?

    And in a way, I think that being politically correct can be more offensive because it can just sound so fake.

    People need to start being honest with one another. That means that people will disagree, but that’s life.

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