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Blessings lately:

  • I am starting an internship with FamilySearch. Not sure what I’m doing and if I will have the time and energy to do it, but I’m going to try.
  • Dillon took a week off of work and it just happened to be the same week that I am starting work.
  • There’s a pandemic so I will be doing my internship remotely from home. (I couldn’t do it right now otherwise.)
  • My kids have been doing remote learning on Wednesdays, but the school is just switching it so that Wednesday will just be half of the day. I am really excited for this and the timing is perfect.
  • We’ve been progressing on our renovation, but there is nothing that is urgent to do. We’ve built bunk beds and need to continue with our electrical, but before that, we need to do some flooring and framing and things. We will get there. But I’m not in a rush. We’re living comfortably and we’re going to pace ourselves.
  • BB started basketball. He even made a basket one game, but he is just learning the basics for now. MM continues to do tumbling, but she’s going to switch to swimming. She mostly wants to be with friends.
  • EE goes to preschool and loves to be with her mom. SR goes to kindergarten, and he meanders wherever he goes, and we’ve been trying to get him to go a bit quicker in the right direction.
  • We also went ice fishing (I loved hearing the ice, but the younger kids just got cold). And we had dentist appointments (there were only cavities in teeth that were about to fall out anyway). And I visited some neighbors. We also were able to go sledding on the sheet of ice on our driveway (it had melted enough that the ice stopped before the road, so it was sort of safe).



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