Yesterday, I was running around with ten thoughts in my mind at the same time. Of course, the mind can’t think of ten things at once, so my brain just kept jumping to and from different things I needed to do. It was a little unnerving to the people around me, I think, because I would suddenly say something to myself that had nothing to do with what was happening around me.

This leads to me organization. I am not an organized person, but I really enjoy organizing things.

Organized people will organize once, and then keep their stuff that way. I organize once, and then commence to put my stuff where it doesn’t belong and eventually have to reorganize. I don’t think it has anything to do with my organization system, just that I don’t like to be held down by such a system. I like things to be more fluid.

I had a lot to do yesterday, but instead of nicely organizing my time, I instead just had random thoughts going through my head. I eventually got things done. I guess my brain works too randomly. I had a great time making a to-do list, but that list really didn’t affect how my day went.

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  1. Very true, and I’m the same way. In a way, I love organization and organizing things, but if you’d see my room, you wouldn’t know that’s the case. Keeping things neat takes too much time. 😀

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