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Not sure what to write

But I’m writing anyway. Life has been too complicated lately, and my thoughts have been all mixed up in it, and I don’t know what to say on this blog.

But. I guess I will share some things that have recently made me laugh:

  • Very large, manly, red truck on the freeway with Barney playing on the DVD player
  • My teacher today came in class wearing a very, very large plastic bow tie that was red with white polka dots. It was hard to listen to his lecture.
  • A paper was due in another class, and a guy I know popped in mid-lecture, deposited his paper on the table, and promptly turned around and left class again. He had better things to do then sit in on a lecture about Dr. Faustus.
  • I have a book called The Moral Problem. So I whacked my brother with it and said, “You’ve been hit with the moral problem.” And my other brother said, “You have the moral problem.”
  • I realized today that being an English major has made me complicate things. Our teacher said to paraphrase Wordsworth in a few short sentences, and I was shocked. A few sentences? I could write a twenty-page paper on the poem we read . . .
  • I was messaging someone and said, “I have a friend who likes Halloween. I don’t like Halloween. I like cheese, and she doesn’t like cheese. We’re friends anyway.”

That’s all I’ve got. (Turned in two papers today. Two presentations and one paper next week. I still feel slightly sane, but only slightly.)

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