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My weekend

And if I was cool, I would have pictures. But I’m not cool.

I went down south for the weekend to visit my boyfriend, Dillon. Left on Friday, and I stayed until Monday. So that is two full days and two part days of spending time with my favorite person in the world right now.

Yeah. It was a good weekend.

It was Valentine’s Day, which has meant absolutely nothing to me in the past, but actually gained a little significance. Dillon gave me a very large card made out of flourescent poster board and stickers. It was creative and adorable, and I love it.

Over the weekend, we watched movies and Robin Hood (BBC tv show), and we cooked pork chops and cake and talked a lot. We went hiking and driving and ended up in a different state. Dillon shot arrows with his bow, and I shot pictures with my camera.

So some people my dad knew from work, who didn’t know me at all, let me stay in their house for three nights and fed me breakfast and dinner on Sunday. They were awesome–very welcoming. It was great.

And it is a weekend I will never forget.

But I have school tomorrow . . .

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