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My 2008, Part 2

(A side note:

I started to write something, and after three sentences I looked back and saw I had written this:

Something sort of unexpected happened actually quite recently.

Wow. Talk about adverb mania. Let’s dissect this sentence. Noun: Something. Verb: Happened. Adjective: Unexpected. Adverb: everything else. Do I get bonus points for writing that sentence?)

More of 2008 below. Not in any particular order, either. I think it sort of gets boring, so you are not required to read it, but it’s been fun for me to think over the year anyway.

First, my twin sister got married, thus giving me my first in-law ever. Joe is great.

Both my brother and sister came home off their LDS missions. This meant I gained a roommate and now have get to share my room with my older sister. Someday, we’ll move out of our parents’ house. Eventually.

I endured the Great Sickness of 2008, which was a pretty mild bout of bronchitis I got after backpacking with my younger brother. (I’m so grateful I have really good health.)

Speaking of hiking, I went hiking quite a bit this year, though because my sister was married, my hiking partners became more varied. And after the Great Sickness, I had a bad taste in my mouth of hiking, but I’m over it. Also went snowshoeing. I like snowshoeing more than hiking, possibly.

Politically, I was elected a state delegate, went to the Republican state convention, and thought about becoming a democrat. I actually voted for two democrats in November, something that is mostly unheard of the part of the world I live  in.

I read over 60 books (you can see the list on the Books read in 2008 page), and I read 5,000+ pages for my fall semester and almost completely gave up outside reading for a few months. I also am really close to finishing my two-year project of reading Anna Karenina.

I also wrote a lot. I finished a few drafts of previous things I had written and then wrote a very rough draft of a new novel (a somewhat satirical story about a boy names Jake) that I need to edit. I also wrote a lot for school, with longer papers and more sources (43 footnotes in one paper!) than ever before. I mostly gave up writing fiction for fall semester. But I’m going to start again. I also received a lot of rejection letters. Yeah rejection letters!

I learned CSS and xhtml, and improved my web designing skills. Now when I call myself a nerd, my ability to code websites gives me concrete evidence that I am one.

I learned how to talk to people better. This was something that I wanted to work on, and I think I did a decent job. I talked to more people in my classes and actually made friends. I got better at holding conversations with strangers and acquaintances, and lost a lot of fear that I had.

I also learned how to be less reliant on my computer. I was somewhat addicted to my computer and the internet, and spent way too much time with it, and I’m a lot better now than I used to be. I don’t want to be on my computer for so much time anymore, and I’m a little more focused than I was. Not perfect, but I’m getting better.

I also learned to worry less. I’ve been a worrier my whole life, and I still am, but I slowly learned how to control myself and how to breath and tell myself not to worry so much. So I’m doing better at living in the present and enjoying life. Still not perfect, of course, but something I think I’ve gotten better at.

I was still involved in church. In addition to church callings, I was given the opportunity to defend my beliefs and numerous occasions–some of you will remember a particular moment that I blogged about a while ago. I also kept playing the piano for the choir at church, and I’m still the education counselor in the Relief Society Presidency, a responsibility that has been a great blessing in my life and has led to making many new friends.

I also spent time with family, as usual, and built up a better relationship with my grandparents, especially on my dad’s side. I grandparents so much, and I’m glad for the time I could spend with them.

I also went to some Daughters of the Utah Pioneers meeting again, but I had to stop going in the fall because school was too busy and the particular night wasn’t free anymore. But I kept up family history work at least somewhat, and redesigned my family history website.

I took up distance running for the first time in my life, did it for a few months, ran a 5k, and then decided I really didn’t like to run. At least I tried hard.

I went to Ouray, Colorado with my mom (took some awesome pictures) and Bear Lake with my family (with a canoe!), but didn’t do much traveling besides that.

I made a lot of new friends–online, at school, and at church. Friends are awesome.

I also saw Shannon Hale quite a few times, and met and bonded with other fans of Shannon Hale. This was a lot of fun.

I made a blanket for my bed, which isn’t the greatest thing ever made, but I did it.

I went to BYU’s education week with my sister Clarissa, and learned a lot and mostly just enjoyed myself.

This is something sort of personal, but I did make a mission statement for my life. It’s a little too personal to share, but it was a very significant thing that happened to me.

And I also improved spiritually, and looking back, I can see how many times I was guided by the Lord. I have been far from perfect, but I have been extremely blessed.

One last thing for the year of 2008. I would first like you to point you to an old post on this blog.

I started talking to this guy at church, and invited him to come to a something with me, and dropped other obvious hints, until one day three weeks ago we ended up going hiking and making a gingerbread house. It went uphill (or downhill, depending on your perspective) from there. So now I’m dating someone. It’s made life interesting.

2008 has been an awesome yet unexpected year. I am not in the same place I was a year ago. I am not the same person. But I am happy.

And now, I have no idea what 2009 will bring. Probably more unexpected events, more improvement, and hopefully, more joy.

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  1. What a great year. Just think next year you will be a college graduate, something not many people ever accomplish. I’m sure many other great and wonderful things will happen in your life because good things come to good people.

  2. “Probably more unexpected events, more improvement, and hopefully, more joy.” …and more Life, Lessons, and Laughs too, I would suppose.

  3. This might be a lame time to be asking this but…

    You have a twin?

    Sheesh. Ok. Pet peeve of mine is when people are twins and they don’t tell people right away. I don’t even know why it bothers me! It shouldn’t, but it does. Pet peeve.

    Anyways….. Haha. Awesome year! And I’m sure the next one will be great as well 😀

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