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My 2008, Part 1

But I’m actually going to write something on my blog.

What happened to me in 2008

1. School

School has been my life this year. I went three semesters: the Mostly Enjoyable Spring Semester (in which I went to school), the Summer Semester of Pain (in which I became bored out of my mind), and the 18-credit hour–all upper division–Fall Semester of Death (in which my mind almost exploded. But in the end, this semester became my favorite semester ever). I also decided to double major, adding on philosophy to English. This set me on track to get not only one, but two absolutely useless degrees in May of 2009.

As I always do, I receive much better grades than I thought I was going to. Philosophy classes turned out to be difficult but really fun. I now know how to do such pointless things as to outline an argument and use really large, pointless words, such as “platitudinous,” “pragmatic,” or “pterodactyl.”

Stupid smart people.

2. Work

I had one job this year–working at a school helping with make-up credit. This job resulted in me waiting about a half-hour for buses every day. Which was fine, except that day when my feet were soaking wet.

Working with high school students made me feel like I was in high school again. Except for this time around, I spent my time with the people who were failing their classes because they didn’t understand that they actually had to attend class on rare occasion to pass.

My job ended in June, and I choose not to work in the fall so I could focus on school. I focused very, very hard on school, so much so that I broke my my school-focusing mechanism and a somewhat pathetic resemblance to a social life actually started creeping into my life for the first time ever.

3. Photography

I got a a Canon Rebel XTI, and some lenses, and decided to start a daily photo blog. And I kept it up the whole year. Some of my best pictures were taken from a moving car. Others happened by accident. But walking around talking pictures became one of my favorite hobbies.

And that’s all for today. I’ll write more on my year tomorrow.

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