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We had a few lazy days lately, after having visitors and then going on a trip to visit family. I think we are heading back to normal now. Whatever normal means.

After coming home, a swing set was delivered to our house. I built it by myself. I could have waited for Dillon, who was away for work, but I didn’t. I love assembling things. I mean, I really love assembling things. Probably in my top ten of things I like to do.

What are my top things I like to do? Sometimes I get so caught up with things I have to do or things I think I should do or things that my kids want to do, I forget what I like to do.

Not that I think the things I like to do are necessarily important to me. We usually prefer doing things that improve our own internal story based on our values–so I love playing with my kids because I want to be a good mother (and I don’t necessarily enjoy it all that much) not because I necessarily enjoy it.

Things I think I like to do:

  1. Write (and blog)
  2. Read books
  3. Play board and card games
  4. Assemble
  5. Organize
  6. Learn
  7. Hike
  8. Watch videos
  9. Work on math and economics problems
  10. Photography/create things

That’s probably not an entirely accurate list. I also like to play the piano. Play with Legos. Scramble up rocks. Visit fun places.

And canoe! I love to canoe. That should be in my top ten list. I wish I was better at it.

I like to go camping and backpacking and drive down dirt roads and have dance parties and do yoga and attempt decorative lettering. I like to make lists, obviously. I like to garden (even though I can’t really do it where I live). I like to fix things. And decorate. I like to cook and bake. I like to work on family history too.

There are so many good things to do in life. It’s sort of great. People used to spend the vast majority of their time just trying to survive and now we don’t have to really do much–work forty hours a week, throw some food in the microwave, and order stuff online and we have everything we need.

I was talking about a swing set. Here it is:

The only thing I didn’t assemble by myself was the glider. My husband helped me with that because there were some missing nuts we had to replace.

We love it.

Life is good.

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