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We’ve been splitting time between our normal house in the desert and our house in the mountains that we are fixing up. Dillon ended up in the ceiling once.

The photo below is from a long time ago, when a deer violently ran into our van and we had to squish into a car since that was the only way we could travel. It wasn’t legal. Or fun. But you make things work.

And the boys went fishing four months ago.

I wish we watched less TV. Sometimes we do really well. But sometimes we just get sort of bored.


wBB really likes Pokemon. We all like Pokemon.

We have a cat who likes to go on walks with us.

And we really do enjoy playing in the desert.

My sister came and visited us months ago for fall break. And here are some pictures.

I really do like baking and cooking. Even when it doesn’t work out. I like it more when I watch the occasional cooking video to keep my excited about things.

I don’t know what that last photo is about. But I’m sharing it anyway.

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  1. Can I just say I’m so glad you didn’t quit blogging. If we are to touch the one then you are touching me and I really appreciate it!!!

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