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Learning and Doing

These photos are from a while ago. I’ve been sort of busy. Or distracted. I’ve been working on house plans and school and homeschooling my kids, but I’ve submitted house plans and I’m done with this semester.

“My mom has taught me so much about the gospel. Thank you Mom. I love you so much. P.S. Why did we start school so late?”

I love time outside. We were playing with chalk and riding bike. MM was designing a ninja obstacle.

We learn stuff sometimes. And we read and we work. The kids have mostly learned their times tables (except 6-8). And we just finished going through a language arts workbook.

And sometimes we wrestle and we wear costumes for no reason.

EE walked in once and her shirt was a little bumpy. And then socks fell out. I don’t know why she had socks in her shirt.

More learning. Sometimes we do really good. And sometimes we get a little bored and don’t do much.

My kids can entertain themselves for ages sometimes.

And on occasion we do fun things like play with invisible ink. Or we dance.

Or we make big messes.

Sometimes I get bored with life. But there are so many good moments if I pay attention to them. It’s nice to read scriptures together or go on walks or draw or do art projects or read books or learn together. It’s nice if I’m paying attention to what is in front of me instead of wanting something more to life.

I love my kids and my husband and my home. We’ve had some really good moments this year and we’ve learned a lot together.

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