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Last Week of Summer

Summer is pretty much gone.


What strange person celebrates the fact that summer is ending?

I do. Because I love school. And I am earnestly looking forward to going to class again. Even though it is going to be the Hardest Semester I Have Ever Taken. (I told my uncle yesterday that when I had my mental-breakdown, I’ll call him. Then I’ll drop out of school, move down to Arizona, and find a psychiatrist who will help me get over my obsession with good grades.)

The textbooks are slowly coming to my house, though I received 10001 Teaching Props for Toddlers, which I’m pretty sure is not a required textbook for any of my classes.

And in preparation for classes, I have been going to Education Week at Brigham Young University with my sister. I’ve gone to three classes a day in the afternoon, but it has been wonderful.

My favorite class talked about setting goals and dreaming for the future. Sometimes, my goals tend to become much too realistic. But I realized that I didn’t have to be realistic. I have 80 full years ahead of me, and that’s a lot of time, so I may not realize now what I’ll be able to do later. I started adding on to my life goal list with things that I excluded because I didn’t think I would have the time and skill to do it. I’m dreaming now, instead of being realistic, but it’s much more enjoyable. I’m not going to limit myself anymore!

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