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I really would like to continue to relive my amazing week last week . . . but instead, I am back to work and back to homework. I am starting my job search in earnest. This job search is really my career search, since I’ll be graduating and I want a full-time, permanent position.

And I again remember today that job searchs are simply hard. So far, I’ve been hitting the online job boards, and I’ve been searching, searching, searching. The perfect job should be out there, and I have a month and a half to find it. Okay, I actually have longer than that–I have four to five months to find it. But I would like to get one sooner than later.

When you have an English and philosophy degree, you aren’t really pointed in a certain direction for your job search. However, since I’m not looking for anything in particular, there are more jobs that I can apply to.

But overall, it is slightly stressful. This is why people stay in school their whole lives.

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  1. I just had an interview on the phone with the job that you may not want me to get! Time and Love will tell my fate!

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