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I’m happy right now because . . .

I just got an assignment back from a class and the grade was A/A-, which was an improvement from the A-/B+ that I got before. My teacher somehow cannot decide between one grade–I thought they invented the minuses and pluses for when you couldn’t decide, but I guess she needs something else. It’s all right, I really like that class and her lectures and very stimulating, entertaining, funny, quirky, and wonderful. She’ll be talking about complex philosophies and suddenly she saying stuff about her two-year-old granddaughter thinking her unintelligent for not dragging her dog and two cats to England. She also talked about teaching the sidestroke today. In a philosophy class. And it’s all relevant.

I haven’t been the happiest person lately (sorry for those who live with me) and mostly it’s because I don’t know where I want my life to go. I don’t know what to major in anymore. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, and not knowing is making life a bit painful. It’s okay. I’ll figure it out, and I’ll use the high that comes from my A/A- grade to keep me going, at least for a few more hours.

I am also behind in my homework. I must read over 150 pages by two o’clock today, and while the book is good, I do have two classes before then and that isn’t the end of homework. Usually I’m on top of things. Now I am not. And all I want to do is tiptoe through the fall leaves. I don’t want to do homework. I have fall fever! Like spring fever, except it’s fall!

For those interested (there will be a few),  I have stopped going to the Little Red Reading Hood Forum. I decided to stop doing it. It took up a lot of time and though I love Shannon Hale, I decided that I could still love her without posting on the Forum. I will always love her books, it was just time to start thinking about my own life a little more, I guess.

This is a really random post, but it’s just some things that are on my mind. If you ever find me uninteresting, please don’t plod through. Just stop reading. You have better things to do.

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  1. Heather!! Sorry that your life has been hard–I know how that’s been, and because I’ve wanted to stay on top in my academic life, I haven’t been on top in my social life (i.e. E-mail, phone calls, etc.)

    Know that I care about you! And hope you do well in whatever you choose–I know that choosing is the hardest part. Take care.

  2. We’ll miss you hwalk! I can understand your decision completely, as I’ve had to make a similar one. I think you made a very good choice. I’ll keep visiting your blog, of course!

    I hope that everything gets easier. Realization can be pretty hard, and I know that it’s so hard to find what you want to do with one, short life.

  3. Did you really stop going to Little Red? And I realized sometime today, that sometimes we do strange stuff that doesn’t work out, and we wonder why, but there is a purpose, and as long as we stay close to the Lord our path will work out as it needs to, even if it does not make sense to us.

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