Homeschool confessions

I don’t have very cohesive thoughts about homeschooling. They are scattered.

  • I prefer public school. And my kids prefer public school.
  • My daughter learned how to read in public school.
  • I taught my son how to read. And he just acquired math.
  • I try, I really do, but it can be an awful dynamic where everyone just ends up whining and miserable.
  • Online school is basically the worst of everything for elementary school kids.
  • When there is no accountability, it’s really easy to not do much.
  • Homeschooling can be incredibly chaotic, like when my toddler is literally climbing on me when I’m trying to teach something.
  • I hate teaching writing to my kids. Which is hilarious. Because I’ve written books.
  • Movies are sort of amazing sometimes, except for when they end and the kids are cranky.
  • Finding great homeschool curriculum that is both rigorous in what it taught and easy to implement is really difficult/impossible.
  • I love common core math very much. My kids can do math in their head.
  • I can teach math and probably science a lot better than anything else.
  • We get lonely and feel isolated a lot.
  • My kids are really good at talking to adults, but life really is more about working with peers.
  • My kids are still friendly and good at playing with other kids and making friends.
  • My kids need more perspectives than what I and my husband have to offer. They really, really need more positive adult and kid influences in their life and a more diverse world view.
  • Parents need breaks from their kids and kids need breaks from their parents.
  • Parents need support in order to be good parents.
  • I usually prefer to seperate my religion from my secular learning. Which means my kids know lots about evolution and science. They know about creation too. They are taught at different times. I don’t always like more religious homeschooling curriculum/ideas because I want my kids to learn everything they can.
  • Being both a parent and a teacher is really difficult. They are different roles. Parents do teach, but they teach in different ways and it’s impossible for parents to teach everything.
  • Homeschooling can be really fun sometimes, when we are doing science experiments or creating things or laughing together.
  • I want my kids to think and choose, to learn how to learn, not just the facts. I want them to have the space to be themselves.
  • I wish that home could be a refuge, a place of safety and support, and it’s hard to make home feel that way when you are in it all the time.
  • Elementary school teachers have degrees and experience and they do a better job than I do.
  • Public schools make communities better places.
  • I love school. I am currently going to a public school, actually, taking some economic classes at a university. It is really weird to be in public school while homeschooling your kids.

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