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Working dairy

I work in a grocery store. Usually, I’m a cashier, but because of operations and vacations, I ended up in the dairy department. They needed me there. The milk and yogurt needed me. Or so they said.

The day started with a time clock problem. The time clock decided ot have a mind of its own and said that my hours weren’t right. I had done everything right. Clocked in. Out. In. Out. Etc. And then it said: “FAULT,” even though it wasn’t my fault.

Started with Depressing time clock. Then I had to stock dairy. People would take the milk. I would fill the milk up. That was my job. You now know how to do my job. It was grueling, especially for the hour that we had two people scheduled instead of just one.

As I was pushing forward the milk in the almost-freezing cold fridge, I kept thinking I hate working diary. I hate working dairy.

Then I remembered something I had learned during family home evening the night before. My brother told my sister to repeat ten times over, “I am good.” She did it, then he pressed down on her arm while she tried to resist. Then he had her do it again said, “I am bad.” He pushed down and her arm went down much quicker. Try it.

Words have power. So I started thinking (and maybe saying it aloud to myself), I like dairy. I like dairy. I didn’t believe the words for a moment, but that moment ended a bad day and began a day that was actually pretty good. It works. Try it.

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