Family Life


We are having a Nerf war, shooting foam bullets at each other as we run around the house. The rules change constantly. As we clean up, we see a cat outside and s/he comes inside.

We just cleaned up after dinner, where we tried gnocchi for the first time. Earlier today, our next-door neighbors came and gave us treats and we showed them the progress on our house. We had also gotten a treat from another neighbor, who Dillon and MM visited. And then MM took another treat to our other next-door neighbor. There was a large exchange of chocolate for Valentine’s Day this year. I texted and emailed friends, some new and some old.

I made a box for EE with a Minnie Mouse on it, as she wanted a Valentine’s Day box like her siblings, She draws all over it and is happy. She had been asking for it for a long time.

We were outside, and the snow wasn’t right for sledding, but there were drifts of snow that we tromped through together, wandering around our yard.

I did an emotional self-reliance class with my family, learning together. And before that, I listen to the relief society lesson. Dillon talked in church today, and he did such a good job–particularly because he was more humble than he’s even been before. It’s been hard lately, but I can see our family improving through the refiner’s fire.

We don’t know who the cat belongs to. But if we can’t figure it out, we’ll keep it.

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