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Halloween and life

We had Halloween. I guess it’s okay. But I realized one of the reasons I don’t really like Halloween is you can’t do your own thing. About every other holiday, you celebrate it how you want to with your family. But Halloween is a holiday that you cannot celebrate alone unless you very purposefully hide. Which is fine. It’s good to have a community. It’s literally the one day of the year that people go around and say hello to their neighbors. It’s fun to dress up. All of that. But there is also no point at all. What are we even celebrating? It just exists and I’m a little bit confused.

I should embrace it more and I would be a happier person. But I just want to get to Thanksgiving. Which is probably my favorite holiday, because there are no presents and no candy and no dressing up. It’s just really good food and family and being grateful. It’s sort of perfect.

For Halloween, MM was Jasmine (because we already has a Jasmine jacket). BB was a hunter (he just looked normal). SR was Spider-Man (we bought some pajamas). MM was a kitty (she used pajamas she already had).

I found a Twix that was hidden in the car today after trick-or-treating and I ate it without telling my children. It was delicious.

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