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Holy cow, there is so much to be grateful for.

I’ll make a list of ten things I am grateful for today.

  1. Family! Have I ever told you my siblings are my best friends? They are. And they are all home this weekend, including my sister who just barely got back from her mission! I haven’t seen her in a year and half and now we get to share room!
  2. Food! My mom is such a great cook, and I love, love, love thanksgiving food. Turkey and cranberries and stuffing and mashed potatoes and yams and pie all in one day? How awesome is that? Way awesome. Those are all some of my favorite foods.
  3. Homework! Yes, I’m going to be grateful for homework today. I just finished righting the rough draft of a paper that currently has the title, “Morality and the Failures of Artificial Intelligence and Psychopaths.” How cool is it that I get to talk about morality, robots, and psychopaths all in one paper? And I am so much smarter than I used to be. Because of homework.
  4. Religion! It is my foundation, my strength. It makes me who I am.
  5. People! For friend in different places, for strangers, even for somewhat creepy people you come in contact with, because people help you learn and grow and make you better. They give happiness to life.
  6. Art! For the solace in looking at a good photograph, for the joy of watching a really good play, for the depth it gives to life.
  7. Words! Reading and writing and speaking and sharing. Language is so important and so awesome. (Even when language becomes overenthusiastic and too excited for its own good.) It’s my life.
  8. Life! For those experiences that make us grow. For the lessons learned. For the time we have to live and to grow. For each moment that is different and better.
  9. Hobbies! (Besides homework.) Because they keep me sane. Because creating and working make me better. Because I love the feeling of developing talents and sharing them. Because it makes life rich and full.
  10. Fun times! Like randomly sitting in your brother-in-law’s friend’s house and talking with his parents all evening. Playing games with family. Watching your brother play basketball. Laughing  and being random. It’s wonderful.

I am happy today. It is a great day.

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