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So I’ve been going to my grandparent’s house and helping them out. Grandparents are great because they’ve been around for a while, and so they have funny stuff and great stories.

Today, I helped clean out their storage room. My grandparents are very diligent in storing food. Unfortunately, they are not so diligent in eating the food that they store.

Some things were all right–just a few years expired. But then some things were more interesting. My favorites are the box of gelatin that was bought in April of 1986. And these rennet tablets which came from November of 1968.

But there was more. A lot more. I got to see the change in brands and logos throughout the years.

It really wasn’t that bad. But it’s crazy, because they had food they bought before I was born. In fact, they had food they bought from when my dad was a little boy.

It’s sort of awesome what grandparents have around their house. We went through a binder of old ideas and games. People used to play games. And not video games. And not watching games on TV. They would do things together. Things we now consider boring. Life was simpler. Life was more social.

We live in an information age, where we can get ideas through a search engine. But I got to see, for a moment, of a time before all the information, when people existed.

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