Grandma Jane

My Grandma Jane died. I loved her a lot and I will miss her. Some of my memories of her:

  • I loved going to her house and playing with the dogs.
  • She made really good pancakes. I will still smell certain foods it will remind me of their house.
  • She had a computer a lot and sometimes we would like to play on it.
  • She had the same toys the whole time I’ve known her that I played with and now my kids have played with.
  • I remember her playing the piano–a lot of times she would just make things up as she went.
  • She went on two mission and I remember visiting her in Nauvoo and seeing where she worked there.
  • On Memorial Day, she always made sure to put flowers on graves and we would often accompany her around the different cemeteries.
  • Sometimes we would go for a parade in the summer up by their house.
  • She gave me Ella Pack’s journal to me and that meant a lot to me.
  • I’ve also received bags, hats, slippers, and more that she made.
  • She worked a lot on family history and she showed me her filing system she had.
  • She got a Facebook account and she would actually use it sometimes.
  • We went camping together too.
  • I wrote up a history of her and she was so good in emailing me some things and talking to me, even though I knew she didn’t like talking about herself.
  • One time, we were playing a game where we went in a circle and said a word to make a story. When it came to her turn, the story had turned into a bat doing something, and she said, “The only word I can think of is sh**.” And we all laughed a lot.
  • She would squeeze her dog’s mouth so he said, “Mama.”
  • She always cared about how we were doing and she was a really good listener. She didn’t ever talk a lot.
  • She always loved to see and my kids.

This is the first time someone in my life that has been really close to me has died. I wasn’t ever sure how I would handle it because I have never dealt with this before. But . . . she was sick for quite a long time, and so it wasn’t a surprise or anything. I know she’s happy now. So I’m not really sad. I don’t know how I feel. Mostly incredibly grateful that I knew her.

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  1. Sounds like she was a really good Grandma. I am so glad you shared your memories of her and they were such good ones.

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