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General Conference

Over the past two days, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has had their General Conference. It was so wonderful! For two days, we get to listen to modern day prophets and apostles. It is an awesome experience.

On Friday, before conference, I prayed and then wrote questions that I had, about life. There were  thirty questions all together, and it helped me realize what I needed help with in life and get my mind going so I was more prepared to listen for conference.

I sat with my notebook, my pen, with my eyes on the TV. I wrote on the top of my notes: “Spiritual Impressions from Conference, Oct. 2008.”

Over two days, four sessions, two hours each, I listened. I only fell asleep a little bit here and there.

I filled up eight pages with my notes. And after it is done, I feel at peace with myself. I received a lot of answers to the questions I had. I learned truth. I learned the things that would help me the most.

One thing I learned:

I need to be more grateful for what I have. I sometimes want to wish my life away, but President Monson spoke of how we miss things once they were gone. Our lives constantly change, and we have this moment, this day only once. Lately in my journal, I’ve been mostly writing something like: “Did homework today. Same as usual.” That’s all. I need to live more, and recognize the joy and goodness in the experiences I do have. I need to be grateful for the abundance I have, the great opportunities I have. I have so much to be grateful for. I have so much to live for right now, so much joy in my life.

It was a wonderful experience, a wonderful time to be instructed, to listen to the beautiful music of the Mormon Tabernacle choir, spend time with family, and learn how to live my life better.

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