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So sometimes people ask me what I want to do after college. I have some plans about getting a decent full-time job, moving out of my parents house, and that sort of thing.

But as far as a career . . .

I want to be a stay-at-home mom.

There are lots of women out there who have worthy career goals. I think the workforce does need the presence of women there. They have specific talents and abilities that are helpful.

But I’ve never wanted to have a good, thriving career because I’ve always wanted my future children to come first in my life. I want to use all the gifts and abilities I have gained through education and work for the benefit of my future children and my future husband, not for my own gain.

I am ambitious in life, and I have lots of goals and dreams. But ultimately, they are secondary to family.

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  1. My question is:

    After many years, when your childrens have grown up and you are alone with your husband, will you regret this decision?

    I am not saying that your decision is crazy but I am bothered about the last line you wrote:

    “I am ambitious in life, and I have lots of goals and dreams. But ultimately, they are secondary to family.”

    You are living your own life. So you shouldn’t take decisions which you may regret later. If you won’t regret, then you took a good decision.

    I am a male and so may not be able to understand female mind. Sorry if this hurts you…


  2. With this growing economy, your dreams might be impossible anyway. It is nearly impossible for families to live on one paycheck these days. Besides, you don’t want to get too dependent on a husband to provide for you. If he died or you got a divorce, you could be left with no money. I too think this is a decision you will regret later. Of course taking care of your kids is important, but giving them the proper necessities of life comes before that. That’s the reason many people work, not because they’re trying to fulfill their ambitious dreams, but that they’re making a living for their kids.

  3. I want to do both–work and be a mom. But when my kids are small and need me at home, I want to be home with them. Work can wait until they are in school, or away from the house. Jobs are always out there. But childhood only lasts a few years. Who wants to miss it? And for economic necessity of it–I would rather live on less, save extra, and get good life insurance for any thing that might happen. And maybe work if I have to. But why plan on that? Why not plan for the ideal, and accept the inevitable if it comes. I think the biggest regret I would have would be missing my kids childhood, just because I wanted a bigger house.

  4. Well, I for one agree with you Heather. Family is and always will be my first priority. And besides, most of the job I’m wanting to do someday could be done at home.

  5. I understand this to be your most important role in life and in that I support you. Then someday when you are a mother you will be able to more fully understand the purposes of life and you worth on this earth. Mothers are great. I love my mom. She is so loving…even when I grow horns and a sharp pointed tail. You will be great, because you always reach your goals. Smile,


  6. it’s wonderful that we live in a world where every individual is free to choose for him or herself.

    i am a stay at home mom. i made that decision consciously and DO NOT REGRET IT FOR A MOMENT. i have a bachelors degree, but i love being the last one my kids see as they walk out the door for school and the first one to greet them as they come in. i love that i am here for all the teaching moments that arise in a day.

    i am blessed to be able to be at home for now. but in this world there are uncertainties, and if the need were to arise, i would be prepared to go to work, but it definitely is not my first decision.

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