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Forgotten Cell Phone Pictures Part 1

Sometimes I take photos on my phone and they sit there for a while.

We put a ninja warrior course in our garage and the kids play with it daily. Their hands are very calloused.
This girl loves Minnie Mouse.
We went to a puppet show that the library did with a ventriloquist. Everyone was laughing and very interested.
Visiting Uncle Will’s calves.
Practicing archery while on vacation.
Visiting friends on the farm.
MM loved to see her friends from Wyoming.
I made this pumpkin cake. It had two layers and it looked decent and I was proud of myself.
While visiting a museum, Ella insisted she wear boots. She brought me a pair that were too small. I told her to get bigger ones. And these are the ones she got.
Baby ducks while visiting a park.
We love to read.
Mesa Verde in the rain.
On a tour.
We didn’t really listen to the ranger.
The kids mostly had fun.
Other times, she falls asleep on the floor.
My kids like to take pictures on my phone.
The beginning of home school. We don’t really have a set schedule, but we have a few routines. And sometimes we just learn randomly, which can be the best sort of learning.
Hulk, smash. SR loves hulk.
And another kid selfie.

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