Do you like receiving flowers?

Up until about ten minutes ago, I would have said no, I don’t really like receiving flowers. I haven’t had that much experience in the matter, since I haven’t received that many flowers in my life. They always seemed a little pointless.

Flowers aren’t useful. They die. You have take care of them and put them into water. They die. They get petals all over the place, sometimes. You can’t eat them. You can’t keep them.

But I think that’s sort of the point with flowers. They aren’t useful. They are temporary.

But they are sweet, and they smell good and look good, and for that small moment, you know someone cares about you.

People don’t give flowers because they want to give flowers–they give them because they are thinking of the other person, because they like the other person.

Flowers are 100% thoughtful. They are all about the thought behind them, and have very little to do with what they actually are.

That’s why, I decided, getting flowers is nice. Because it means someone is thinking about you.

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  1. Haha, you sound like my mom in the first three paragraphs. I like flowers, but I do wish they’d last longer too. 🙁 What I always do is pick off the petals, stick them in a huge book (dictionaries are best) and keep them there to dry for years. It ends up all pressed and pretty, and there are a ton of crafts where you can put them on pieces of cardboard paper for bookmarks. 😀

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