Flashback Fridays

I am excited to introduce a new feature of this blog, where I resurrect old writing for you to see!

Today’s selection:

Beginning of sixth grade, from a purple journal with Winnie the Pooh on the cover.

Saturday, September 4, 1999

Hello! Here I am on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. School has started of course, and Mrs. D (my sixth grade teacher) is a really fun teacher. We haven’t done anything special except break a pinyata (sic), and run 2/3 of a mile. Our class is going to tell stories Tuesday and that reminds me that we went to the storytelling festival. . . .

For some reason, I feel as if I should be watching football. Maybe its the weather. It feels wonderful. My favorite weather is how it feels now, how it feels in the fall. In-between season weather. It just feels good.

I made a new friend at school. Her name is Erin. she is really nice and has taken half the place of Catie (an old friend who moved away.) The other half is email. Sis. Carrell (an elderly woman who lived next door, and I didn’t know how to spell her name) moved away too. She now lives in a retirement center. It’s a place to have someone take care of her, because she can’t take care of herself. I wish she hadn’t of moved. She was my oldest friend. . . .

Note: My handwriting hasn’t changed at all since about seventh grade. My cursive looks exacty the same when I was eleven as it does now. This forbodes very badly for my younger brother, who is twelve and writes like a second grader.

Note #2: Comment on if you would like to see more Flashback Fridays and think this is a good idea or not.

0 thoughts on “Flashback Fridays

  1. Ha. My journal from spring 2003-winter 2004 is purple with Winnie the Pooh on the cover. Only my journal was nowhere near as well-written. It makes me cringe to read it.

    But my handwriting definitely has changed.

    And don’t feel too badly about your younger brother’s handwriting; my younger brother is fifteen and writes worse than a second grader. 😉

    And I’d like more Flashback Fridays! 😀

  2. another vote for more flashback fridays.

    i love reading old journals. my grandmother burned all her journals from her youth because she thought they sounded silly. what a tragic loss for all of us.

    please don’t burn your journals, k?

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