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I went to Walmart on Saturday and I bought myself a fishing license. Though my name on the license was almost, “Hadar Waker,” I did finally got the correct spelling, and now I am legal to go out with a fishing pole and put a hook in the water.

That day, Dillon and I went out to Utah Lake. It is really too early to go fishing, but I at least wanted to learn how to cast a fishing pole. Though my dad and brothers love fishing, I never learned how to cast without using the little button that they have on kids’ poles.

So I got a fishing rod from my garage, that turned out not to work so well, and Dillon got his fishing pole, and we drove out.

It was beautiful outside. It was early evening, so the sun was behind us, and we looked out onto the lake. The sky was pale blue, and the water was very, very calm, so the mountains in the background reflected off of the rare ripple. And then there was dead grass on the edges, some yellow, some a deeper tanish-orange, and it was the absolute perfect photo. Except that I had forgotten my camera. So I couldn’t get a picture of it.

But I did learn how to cast a fishing pole. And Dillon practiced with his fly pole.

We didn’t catch anything, but we weren’t trying. In fact, Dillon cut the hook off my line when I was practicing so I didn’t hurt anyone. If I hurt any fish, I would have had to hit them in the head with the sinkers.

This has been an amazing spring break–so many good moments, just like that one.

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  1. I hooked some things including my finger when I was learning to cast a pole, so good idea. I also hit Joe in the head with a bobber. That was funny.

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