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First Day of School

This was sort of the third day of school, but the first two days didn’t go so well, so this was the first good day of school.

Homeschooling is odd sometimes, since you can do what you want, but we try to have some structure.

I didn’t think I would be homeschooling again. The kids enjoy public school and I had a hard time doing homeschool last year. But I didn’t really want to always view homeschool as a thing that I had failed at. I hadn’t really failed at it; we just never found a good groove last year.

But I prayed a lot, and I really wanted to do it again and do it well. I don’t want to do it long term, but I did want to know that I could do it. So I’ve had a better attitude, with more belief in myself and a desire to actually do it.

So far, a little over a week into it, it’s been going really, really well. There are hard moments, but I’m expecting them and we push through. The kids are more independent, which helps, and I’m trying a little bit harder, which also helps.

Homeschool can be chaotic, but it can also be really fun. Some people don’t like to replicate public school at all, but we actually enjoy doing our worksheets and our common core math and spelling words and all of that. But it does get more interesting when we can go look at engines in the car and combine acids and bases in a solution to make chemical reactions (we used antacids, vinegar, dish soap, and baking soda, and had fun with some pH paper). And we did peanut butter playdough.

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