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Finding your place


Do you ever feel unsettled, like you aren’t quite sure what your place in the world is? Maybe like something is missing?

Often, you are actually in a good spot and the discontent itself is the problem, not a symptom of some other problem.

Here are five simple things that can help:

  1. Don’t compare yourself to someone else. If you want someone else’s life, you’ll always feel unhappy because you only have your life.
  2. Don’t define yourself by what others think of you. Others liking you and praising you leads to temporary pleasure, but not true satisfaction with who you are. Other people only know a part of you, not the whole picture.
  3. Seek to develop better relationships with others. Relationships last a lot longer than accomplishments.
  4. Serve others. Forgetting yourself and thinking of others is actually one of the best ways to figure out your purpose and identity.
  5. Plan what you’re going to do in a day, week, and month–and then do it. Live purposefully in the present.

Sometimes, we do need to make life adjustments. Quit jobs, get new jobs, move, change how we spend our time, etc. Setting goals and trying to achieve them is really good. But usually the journey is the point, not the destination. Happiness doesn’t come from more stuff, more accomplishments, more success. Instead, it comes when we love others, love ourselves, and let ourselves feel God’s love.

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