We can see the end

but it is distant, a vantage point that we do not know we can reach

But the fear comes

because we cannot see our path.

We stuble on the rocks below our feet, and we fall, and our mouths become bloody and we have to get up again.

And even when we get up, we look ahead, and we cannot see our path. It is dark in front of us, glimpses of what might be.

Sometimes our path is easy and comfortable.

Sometimes because we cannot see we start to veer away, trying to find our own way to our destination, trying to find a shortcut.

There is no shortcut, and it when we veer away that we fall we hurt, and we are confused.

Sometimes our destination seems so close, and we see its joy, and we feel joy.

And sometimes our eyes fall downward, searching out in the darkness, trying to take control.

We cannot know our way. But He can. And He does.

He does not give us a clear vision of what lies before.

But he says: Walk forward.

See your destination, and walk forward.

There will be no cliff, there will be no falling, as long as you keep moving. Do not stop and try to find your own way.




And we stop and we worry, and we see glimpses of our future, and we see our surroundings in the present, and we do not know how it could possibly work out, and our destination is sketchy and unclear.

Walk forward.

It will be all right. There seems to be no good way out of it, there seems to be no plausible way it can work, and maybe you are being pulled in too many directions, and your mind screams to see again.

Calm your many fears; calm your many worries. For He can be in control. If we let Him.

But we






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  1. This reminds me of that one story where a man is looking back at his life and talking about it with Christ, and notices that where he’s having his hardest moments, there is only one set of footprints instead of two. He asks Christ why He deserted him, and Christ says, “I never left you. There was one set of prints because there I was carrying you.”

    You have such a wonderful testimony. 🙂

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