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So today I was supposed to cook dinner. I was on my computer, going to finish up the homework before I started, but my wireless wasn’t working. Thus I got frustrated at my computer, which has happened a lot. It is over two and a half years old, and I have used it a lot, and it is still in working order. I should be kinder to my computer.

I finally got that working, right as my mom, dad, and younger brother said they had to go in twenty mintues. So I boiled the water for the macaroni and cheese (from the box), and then I started instant messaging Dillon. And I ran back and forth from the computer to the couch, writing a note to Dillon, stirring the macaroni, getting the chicken nuggets cooked (I really wanted kid food), until finally someone took over the instant messaging for a little while. But then the coversation turned to a subject where I had to resume running from the couch to the kitchen.

In the end, my macorni and chicken nuggets and salad all got done. Right as my mom, dad, and younger brother walked out the door, promising they would eat when they got back.

It was a good meal.

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  1. What did I instant message that was so bad you had to be there and couldn’t trust your helper?!?!?!? I hope it was funny to them!

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