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Dillon Got a Job

I feel like we’ve been job searching our whole marriage. Well, we actually started our marriage both employed. Which was quite nice. Dillon went to school, worked part-time doing retail during the school year, and then got summer employment as a seasonal at state parks.

Before he graduated–around March 2012–we really started looking for career employment for Dillon. He went back to working at the nearby state park while we continued searching throughout the summer.

It took until November for him to finally start working as a park ranger in Nevada (in a town that was not very family-friendly).

We started job searching again about six or seven months later, and then we kept looking and looking for two more years–Dillon started graduate school, and we kept sending out applications to try to get to a better place.

And then Dillon just quit his job. We had 8 months of unemployment before he finally went to Wyoming.

And we job searched for the two years we were there as well. And then when he got the manager at Dead Horse Point State Park, we kept applying for other positions for the three more years.

We had a few months off here and there, but Dillon has been looking for a job for 9 years. He progressed in his career and had amazing opportunities, but none of them were quite right for us as a family. We had 9 years of knowing that our family hadn’t found home yet.

And now we found it. (Well, Dillon technically hasn’t started yet. Hopefully he actually likes it and it works out okay.)

We found the life that we had been searching and working towards through the 9 years of job searching and 3 years of education–our almost 12 years of our marriage working towards this home.

(I have a job now too–except I did not job search for 9 years; I job searched for about 15 minutes, which shows you how weird life is.)

All those years looking at job announcements, of putting out application after application. We wrote and rewrote resumes and cover letters. Dillon interviewed and interviewed again. We got rejections and we got silence. And we kept going.

Dillon applied for the job he finally got on the last day before it closed. It’s not the most exciting job ever–he already worked in his dream job as manager at Dead Horse Point State Park.

But finally, finally, it’s a job that is good for our family. It offers financial security and good hours, without having to be constantly on-call or commuting hours and hours every week. And it’s not located in the middle of nowhere.

I’m excited.

Blessings do come. In all the constant prayers and searching, the Lord helped us. He changed us in all the wandering. And miracles did, finally come.

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