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Hi! Sitting here with Dillon sitting next to me. He’s that guy I mentioned last post who I am dating. Anyway. We thought we would write a blog post.

So. . . . Here he goes.

Let’s start by saying that this is the one mentioned in the past blog.  For reasons of identification we will call me Dillon and not Robin Hood,  Hunter, Handsome, or any other names that may be attached to my person.

So I’m Dillon.  I have spent the past two years in Peru as a missionary. After returning home in late September, I moved to where I am to work.  I also live in my sister’s basement so I don’t pay rent and I get to eat all of her food.  I was sad when we ran out of chili, hot pockets and spaghettiO’s.

One day I went to church and this tall girl walked up to me extended her hand and did her best to be my friend.  The problem is that I was shy and didn’t know what to do…at least not in English.  So I said hello and slipped away.  A few weeks passed and this same odd gal decided to confront me once again in a smooth form of flirting and desire to be a friend.  I though she was odd at the moment, but now she is not the odd one, I am.

After going to church activities, hiking, making several gingerbread houses, movies, game cube, snowshoeing, IHOP, Bajio’s, texting, sledding, shopping, Christmas, New Years, and meeting nearly her entire family…I have reached a conclusion.  My conclusion is that she is my extreme opposite, and it is true that opposites attract!   I did my best to avoid dating anyone, and I have failed.  However, I am about to strain our relationship with the hope that weekend visits every other week we will be able to truly test ourselves…and time will be the judge.

So there you go. That is Dillon. I actually don’t think we really are extreme opposites–there are a lot of things similiar between us, though we come from completely different backgrounds, like different stuff, and act very different. But besides that, we’re the same. He’s leaving to go to school, but I have to start school again and get a job, so I’ll keep myself busy.

Life has been fun, and my cheeks hurt lately because I’ve been smiling too much. (Dillon wonders if it is possible to smile too much. I think probably not.)

Honestly, one of the reasons I have had photographs on this blog is becuase I have been somewhat distracted of late. But distractions can be wonderful . . .

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