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I asked my mom what I should write about and she said, “Write about change.”

So I will. Now, I have started school, so that’s a major change for my daily life. I have a new assignment at church, which is another major change in my life. My clone moved up to Logan, leaving me without a friend.

There has been a lot of change for me lately, but it is all okay. I love my new assignment. I love school. I don’t love the fact that my clone left me, but we did it before last year.

With all these changes, I had to do something.

I rearranged my room.

Last year, at this exact same time, I rearranged my room. This Saturday, I just knew that it was time. I don’t know why I do it, I just do.

I moved my bed. I took off a shelf on the wall, put it on the floor, and put books on it instead of the stuffed animal and figurines that were on it before. I put the stuffed animals and figurines on the shelves the books had been on. I took out one desk (there were two), and I took out a couch.

(Note about the couch: This couch used to be in my great-granfather’s apartment. It is old. It is nasty. It is ugly. It is large. It was once a couch-bed, but ceased to work as such, so it just remained large and very uncomfortable. I hated said couch. My sister, my mom, and I all managed to disassemble it, put it through very small corners, and get it out of my room and on the way to the dump, though it has only made it to the backyard so far.)

I moved things around, and when I was done, it wasn’t working out right. I went to work. Thought about it. Moved my dresser to the other side of the room, and now I have a brand new room ready for my brand new life.

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