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What is a Carikadoo?

It’s my sister! Her real name is Clarissa, but I love funny nicknames that don’t make sense. So she goes by Carikadoo. Or Rikadoo for short. Or, when I’m in the mood, Rikapoo. Don’t ask me where it came from. I don’t know. It just popped into my head.

Clarissa loves life. Most people, like me, tend to worry. Worry about school. Work. Your future. People. Worry about nothing at all. Our worry boxes are quite large and must always be full.

Clarissa is not like me. She is able to live in the moment, take that joy, and ride on it. She can laugh. She can be content with what is happening. She’s refreshing to be around, even if she is sometimes spastic. And she’s a horrible backseat driver. (But so am I if she’s driving.)

The point in all of this:

Yesterday, I went on a small hike with my mom and Clarissa to a waterfall. When we got to the waterfall, Clarissa attempted to wade across the stream and ended up getting her Converse-covered feet very wet. She enjoyed the mist at the base of the waterfall. I took pictures of her and she just posed and laughed.

I love taking pictures of her. She doesn’t care about how she looks, she just loves living. And that shows.


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