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Camping Trip Day 2

Day 2 of our trip was quite exciting. We drove from Black Canyon to Ouray, Colorado, a town that I had visited with my mom eleven years ago. We went to Box Canyon Falls, which were so loud and misty since the water gets forced through the rocks and is going quite fast. There are also lots of birds and chipmunks there.

Then we headed to Mesa Verde National Park. We had a campsite there, and we set up camp before heading up the Mesa. It was a warm day and blue skies, and I thought we would be safe to keep the rain flies off.

We did the junior ranger program, looked at the museums, and travelled around the loop and stopped quite a lot to get out and look at another ruin. It was a bit tiresome to get the seatbelts on and off each time.

Towards the last part of the afternoon, it started raining a bit. I hoped it would blow over, but as we waited to go on our tour to Cliff Palace, it started pouring and pouring. And there was lightning. I was afraid our tour would be cancelled, but while it was delayed, we still went.

It was fun to see everything and learn, but when we got back to our campsite, everything was soaking wet. I really liked our campsite too–it was probably the best one out of all of our camping this summer. But even if we had kept the rain flies on, it still would have been muddy and wet and camping is never fun in the rain.

So we had to throw everything in the car and we just drove home. We didn’t have much to do the next day anyway, so it was just fine.

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