Family Life


We have been busy lately. But good things have happened:

  • We own a house. It needs a lot of work. But I’m really excited to make my grandparent’s house into my home and finish it, since it’s never really been finished.
  • We’ve been working a lot on the house. We went up there last weekend and we are heading back and we’re trying to fix some things up, and do a lot of planning to figure out how to make it work.
  • I was taking an online free calculus class and it was overwhelming–so I quit. Sometimes quitting is fine and the most reasonable thing to do.
  • We are continuing to homeschool and it’s been really fun. My kids say they like it “a little.” They get to a play a lot in their day, and they are learning. Our favorite subject is probably science. We also enjoy math. And we’ve been doing better at piano lately as well.
  • I’ve felt very busy sometimes and I’ve needed to prioritize better. Sometimes I just want to fit everything in, but I can’t, and I have to figure out what to do first. And I’m always happier if I take care of my kids first and spend time with them.

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